Nightfall #12: “Wind Chill”

Elva Mai Hoover

While "Wind Chill" this is not the first episode to feature actress Elva Mai Hoover (photo left), it is certainly one of the best she appeared in. Here she portrays a young woman lost in the snow, who's befriended by a mysterious young man that invites her to wait out the night at his parents' cabin not far away.

The characters Hoover plays in her 16 NIGHTFALL appearances range from the innocent young woman ("Wind Chill", "The Undertaker") to the devious witch ("The Blood Countess") and she does them all well. I've not heard a whole lot of her work outside of NIGHTFALL (a few episodes of Johnny Chase, Vanishing Point and one of Midnight Cab), but if you want to hear a real tour de force, check out her performance in the CBC Playhouse production of "The Sisters" by Silver Donald Cameron, with music by Stan Rogers. You can find it on the CD Poetic Justice, which it shares with the NIGHTFALL episode "Harris and the Mare", in which she also appeared. The CD is no longer in print, but it's very easy to find on eBay and, IIRC, on iTunes as well.

As to the title, there is some question as to whether it's "Windchill" or "Wind Chill", as both have been used at various times. If I remember correctly from my conversation with writer David McCaughna, he believed his original title had been "Wind Chill Factor", which was apparently changed before the episode was broadcast. I settled on "Wind Chill" as that is the title listed in the CBC Radio Broadcast Log for NIGHTFALL.

This is one of 30 or so episodes that made their way into the Durkin-Hayes Paperback Audio cassette series back in the 90s.

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Wind Chill

Air Date: 9/19/1980
Writer(s): David McCaughna
Production Location: CBC Toronto
Producer: Bill Howell
Featuring: Elva Mai Hoover, Robert Haley, Hadley Kay, Aileen Seaton
Commercial Synopsis: A city girl's car breaks down in the country in the dead of winter, and chilling events start to occur in the cabin of the mysterious young man who offers her a place to stay for the night.   (NPR)

If you like what you hear, please contact the CBC Shop and encourage them to release the series!

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