Nightfall #15: “Special Services”

Linda SorensonHere we have another story about the perils of health care, but this time it's about the dangers of private clinics. Private clinics that cater to very wealthy, very important clients. And when one of these needs an organ transplant, the donor could be anyone of us. Whether we're willing or not.

Featuring Linda Sorenson (photo left) as Diane Katten and Colin Fox as Dr. Cornell.

This is the first episode not produced by Bill Howell, but is the first of three to be produced by Paul Mills. These days Paul runs a small recording studio out of his home in an eastern suburb of Toronto.

One of the interesting points in this episode, for me, is the casual way in which the staff of the clinic go about their jobs. Their computer tells them who is a match for their important client. That person is lured to the clinic, in some cases by involving them in an accident, and the requisite organ(s) taken from them. Without their consent. After all, these clients are far more important!

The music is also one of my favorites. The piece that trails off at the end of the play is quite often used to great effect in the series. I would love to get my hands on the stock music albums they used on this show, but I can't imagine there's any way to find out what they were. I have never heard these cues used anywhere else.

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Special Services

Air Date: 10/10/80
Writer(s): Martin Kinch
Production Location: CBC Toronto
Producer: Paul Mills
Featuring: Linda Sorenson, Budd Knapp, Colin Fox, Marian Waldman, Gordon Thomson, Grant Roll
Commercial Synopsis: The premise is an elite hospital which provides organ transplants for its wealthy and powerful patients, and its donors aren't always the willing kind.  (NPR)

If you like what you hear, please contact the CBC Shop and encourage them to release the series!

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