Nightfall #28: “A Short Wave Goodbye”

Maxine MillerThis week we feature the second episode penned by George R. Robertson (the first being “The Willoughby Obsession”). It is also the second episode where an electronic device receives signals from the future, much to someone’s lament – though, in this case, it’s hard to tell who laments it most.

After a fight with his long-suffering wife, Harriet, in which his prized short-wave radio set is damaged, suburban accountant Harvey John Beasley discovers that he can now pick up transmissions from the near future. After placing a few successful bets with his friend Philip’s bookmaker (though the term “friend” may be subjective, considering what Harriet and Phillip are doing together in their spare time), Harvey goes one further and tries to warn a local mob boss that’s he’s about to be the victim of a hit. Unfortunately, the mobster is gunned down anyway, proving to Harvey that the future cannot be changed – at least, not in the broad scheme of things. Things take an interesting turn when Harriet and Phillip learn of Harvey’s sudden wealth and, aiming to have it for themselves, seek out ways to do Harvey in. Once Harvey figures out their plan, however, things escalate into a covert war of assassination: of his wife and her lover’s traps versus Harvey’s knowledge of future disasters. The result, as it often is, is that someone wins the battle, but someone else loses the war. Which is which and who is who, though, might be a toss-up.

NIGHTFALL regular Arch McDonnell stars as Harvey, Maxine Miller (photo left) as Harriet, and Budd Knapp as is Harvey’s friend, Phillip. John Stocker appears as the Newscaster and Elva Mai Hoover plays the receptionist.

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A Short Wave Goodbye

Air Date: 1/9/81
Writer(s): George R. Robertson
Production Location: CBC Toronto
Producer: Bill Howell
Featuring: Arch McDonnell, Maxine Miller, Budd Knapp, John Stocker, Elva Mai Hoover
Commercial Synopsis: A ham radio enthusiast accidentally discovers how to pick up transmissions from the future, and notices that they are becoming increasingly closer to the present.

If you like what you hear, please contact the CBC Shop and encourage them to release the series!

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