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Nightfall #30: “Dark Side of the Mind”

Wayne RobsonThis week we bring you another – and probably the best – script from "the late-night pen" of Canadian radio personality Max Ferguson ("Where Do We Go From Here?").

"Dark Side of the Mind" is considered one of the best of NIGHTFALL's psychological chillers, and boy does it deliver! The modus operandi of the story's antagonist is both shocking and highly memorable.

Amidst a series of child murders terrorizing the city, dentist Jeff Robbins (played by the late Wayne Robson [photo left]) and his wife, Myrna (Patricia Collins), having only recently returned from living abroad for several years, encounter an old college friend, Carl, and invite him over for a visit. However, Jeff is called away to his office to treat an emergency case, and it is while he is out that hears some startling news about what Carl was up to while they were out of the country.

Also appearing in the play are Peter Dvorsky as Carl and Denise Fergusson as Kitty Anderson.

The play is a first-time NIGHTFALL production for former series story editor John Douglas (you'll be hearing a lot more about him later).

NOTE: Wayne Robson was well-known for his role as ex-convict Mike Hamar in The Red Green Show.

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Dark Side of the Mind

Air Date: 1/23/81
Writer(s): Max Ferguson
Production Location: CBC Toronto
Producer: John Douglas
Featuring: Wayne Robson, Patricia Collins, Denise Fergusson, Peter Dvorsky, Anne Butler, Mia Anderson, Larry Reynolds, Alan Rosenthal
Commercial Synopsis: An innocent couple live out of the country for a few years – so they don't know what their old friends have been up to, like serial killing and escaping from a prison for the criminally insane. Having Carl over for dinner was a bad idea.

If you like what you hear, please contact the CBC Shop and encourage them to release the series!

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