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Nightfall #16: “Buried Alive”

Buried Alive - Durkin-Hayes Paperback Audio coverThis is John Graham's fourth contribution to the series, though the best of his episodes is yet to come.

In this story, Don Franks portrays The Great Santini, a hypnotist with a daring plan to defraud his insurance company of $500,000 by faking his own death and allowing himself to be buried alive. Unfortunately for Santini, his two assistants have no intention of digging him up.

In this production, Bill Howell returns to using some of the interstitial music that made "Welcome to Homerville" so intense. He also employs some very creepy modernized organ music of the style heard in many old-time radio shows.

"Buried Alive" is one of 30 or so episodes that made their way into the Durkin-Hayes Paperback Audio cassette series (image left) back in the 90s.

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Buried Alive

Air Date: 10/17/80
Writer(s): John Graham
Production Location: CBC Toronto
Producer: Paul Mills
Featuring: Don Franks, Lally Cadeau, John Stocker, Frank Perry
Commercial Synopsis: The Magnificent Santini enters a deep trance, is declared dead, the insurance company pays – and he splits the money with his wife. It's a great plan, if she digs him up after the funeral. Santini's been down there for a while and nothing's happened. Maybe she's got ideas of her own.   (DHPA)

If you like what you hear, please contact the CBC Shop and encourage them to release the series!

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