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In Memoriam: Sudsy Clark

Sudsy ClarkEwan "Sudsy" Clark passed away June 23rd from complications due to aggressive colonic cancer. Clark produced two of the most unusual episodes of the series — #89, "A Glaze of Perfect Beauty" and #94, "Walter's Dog" — at CBC Halifax in 1983.

An obituary and short biography are available on the Boot Hill blog.

In Memoriam: Henry Ramer

Henry Ramer

When I began to explore the world of Canadian radio drama back in 2002, the very first voice I heard was that of "the mysterious Luther Kranst", the Host for the first two seasons of CBC Radio's infamous Nightfall horror series. It wasn't until I began collecting data on the series that I learned his real name was Henry Ramer.

I found out from from Elva Mai Hoover, one of the regular actors from the show, that Mr. Ramer died back in August. He was in his 80s.

Henry Ramer was one of the people associated with the show that I never had a chance to talk with, but wish I had. From what I've read of him, his voice was known to everyone in Canada, even if his name wasn't. He narrated commercials and documentaries, voiced cartoon characters, and performed on the radio. He was also a stage, screen and TV actor, receiving an ACTRA nomination for his role in 1974's iconic film, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. He acted alongside stars like Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor, Christopher Plummer and Carol Burnett, and was known widely as "The Voice of Canada".

Here are links to a couple of brief news articles about his passing:

The world of radio drama is a little quieter now.

Thank you, Henry, for giving me a chill.

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